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When I began writing picture books, I had no idea that making videos for my titles would be a thing. But it IS! And I've learned a lot of stuff along the way, such as turning off the phone while I'm recording, watching out for distracting stuff in the background, and making sure the view on the camera is the same view as when it's recording. (I learned that lesson the hard way—ha, ha!) Check out these bits of video fun from Five Reasons to Read my Book to a great Edward Gorey Anagram Challenge. (Oh, yeah--and there's a link to a terrific podcast I did with Buttons & Figs too!).

Meet the Author, Lori Mortensen

Five Reasons to Read my Book by Lori Mortensen

Children's Author Trivia Video for Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville, NJ with Lori Mortensen, et. al.

Lori Mortensen's Anagram Challenge

B&F 48.jpg

Podcast - Button & Figs, Episode 48 - Gorey Nonsense!

Children's Author Study Featuring Lori Mortensen for Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville, NJ

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