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If you're looking for picture book fun, you've come to the right place. Picture books are not only great to read, they're perfect partners when it comes to digging a little deeper and exploring a variety of subjects. Just click the DOWNLOAD button to find all of the fun and educational PDF activity guides I've created for my most popular fiction and nonfiction titles that explore language arts, character education, social studies, history, math, geography, health, art, research, fun facts, associated holidays, and more!


biographies, writing, illustrating, patience, persistence, determination, imagination, breaking barriers


women in history, women explorers, biographies, writing, geography, patience, persistence, determination, imagination, breaking social boundaries for women

Cowpoke Clyde cover.jpg

rhyming, dogs, cowboys, friendship, health, hygiene, resourcefulness, patience, determination.


friendship, walruses, jokes, word play, patience, imagination, problem-solving, creativity.

Cindy Moo Cover Scholastic.jpg

nursery rhymes, cows, determination, persistence, effort, creativity, 

Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range.jpg

rhyming, dogs, cowboys, friendship, loyalty, riding bicycles, animals in the West, effort, patience, determination.

Chicken Lily_fc_lores.jpg

chickens, poetry, puns, bravery, talents, creativity, 


rhyming, poetry, counting, mice, dancing, fear, bravery, acceptance, inclusion.


rhymes, honey bees, honey, hives, honeycomb, nectar, pollen, queen bees, life cycle, insects, beekeeping,  

biography, science, history, physicists, Foucault's pendulum, earth's rotation, France, effort, creativity, determination, persistence,