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Cindy Moo Cover Scholastic.jpg

Cindy Moo


Written by Lori Mortensen

Illustrations by Jeff Mack


Scholastic Book Club Selection

Texas Library Association 2013 2x2 Reading List 

One of HarperCollins 11 Essential Books for Newborns

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"[This book] . . . stands out for its clever heroine who just won't give up."

Kirkus Reviews

​"As fresh as newly churned butter, this takeoff on "Hey Diddle Diddle" is mighty clever. . . Mo(ooo)ve aside your other cow tales, because this lovable bovine really does take off."


​"A determined cow thinks outside the box to prove that she can jump over the moon in this bouncy barnyard rhyme . . . Underneath its silliness, Mortensen's energetic verse offers readers a can-do message about finding different ways of looking at a challenge."

Publishers Weekly

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