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Cindy Moo


Written by Lori Mortensen

Illustrations by Jeff Mack


Scholastic Book Club Selection

Texas Library Association 2013 2x2 Reading List 

One of HarperCollins 11 Essential Books for Newborns

"[This book] . . . stands out for its clever heroine who just won't give up."

Kirkus Reviews

​"As fresh as newly churned butter, this takeoff on "Hey Diddle Diddle" is mighty clever. . . Mo(ooo)ve aside your other cow tales, because this lovable bovine really does take off."


​"A determined cow thinks outside the box to prove that she can jump over the moon in this bouncy barnyard rhyme . . . Underneath its silliness, Mortensen's energetic verse offers readers a can-do message about finding different ways of looking at a challenge."

Publishers Weekly

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