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Rhyme Revolution's Best

Rhyming Picture Book of 2016

2018 Grand Canyon Reader  Award Nominee

"The pitch-perfect rhyming text is filled with amusing, old-fashioned expressions in Clyde's strong cowboy voice, just begging to be read aloud. . . Another doggone funny cowboy caper chock full o' chuckles."—Kirkus, STARRED Review 

"Mortensen's melodic and twangy couplets beg to be read aloud . . . it's clear this isn't Mortensen's first rodeo."—Booklist





animals in the West


​"Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range is a fun read-aloud book with rhyming and cowboy language that will keep readers laughing and coming back for more. Mortensen's first Cowpoke Clyde book won an Amazon's Best Book of the Year award, and this new rendition is sure to tickle the funny bone of all who read it or hear it aloud. Appropriate for preschool and primary aged children, listeners will surely soon catch onto the rhythm of the story and crave the next line."—Children's Book & Media Review

"He grabbed his hat and started back,

heading for his comfy shack.

But as he walked, he thunk a bit.

How could a cowpoke up and quit?"

Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range