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Young Hoosier Award Book

"Easily moves from one idea to another, just like an active, young boy’s imagination does. It’s a delight to read and re-read. The words and playful illustrations work so well together, readers will feel like they have their own walrus! It’s the kind of book that inspires a child to imagine their own dreams. A great adventure for young readers." —San Francisco Book Review

"A number of the most beloved tales feature enchantingly oversized animal companions ... In the end, it turns out that Morrell is exactly the friend Wendell has been looking for all along." Publishers Weekly

"A 'stupendiferous, cosmically colossal' good time for all." Kirkus Reviews

"Mortensen's pitch-perfect child humor combined with Phelan's knack for body language and facial expressions brings the pair's joy clearly to the pages." School Library Journal

"If Wendell had a walrus ... they'd have the most stupenderious, cosmically colossal, best time of their lives."

If Wendell Had a Walrus

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