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Cookies, Cocoa, and Four Great Authors

What could be better? On December 10, 2022, four great writing friends—Erin Dealey, Lisa Frenkel Riddiough, and Jocelyn Watkinson—came together for a special event—Cookies, Cocoa, and Four Great Authors for an especially sweet holiday event at El Dorado Hill's Face in a Book. The cookies and cocoa were delicious and it was a pleasure to read our books to such good listeners. We read them all! Erin Dealey's Snow Globe Wishes and Deck the Walls!, Lisa Riddiough's Letters to Live By, Jocelyn Watkinson's The Three Canadian Pigs! and my own books, Arlo Draws an Octopus and a popular favorite, Cindy Moo. And the kids gobbled them up like sugar plums!

Thanks, Face in a Book!

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