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Isabella Bird has Arrived!

After its own journey with plenty of twists and turns, my picture book biography AWAY WITH WORDS, THE DARING STORY OF ISABELLA BIRD, is on the bookshelves. Like many people, I hadn't heard about this Victorian traveler before, but when I discovered that she was the first female member of England's Royal Geographical Society and wrote 10 bestselling books about her explorations around the world, I was hooked. Isabella rode spider-legged horses, belligerent camels, and wide, willful elephants across five continents. Nothing--frostbite, cholera, broken bones, volcanic burns, attacks and several near drownings--could quench her thirst to explore the unknown.

"No man," she once declared, "now ever says of any difficult thing that I could not do it!"

“Sure to inspire the explorers of tomorrow…straightforward prose that has a poetic spark...The crux of this unforgettable tale is that if you can dream big and be brave, anything is possible.”   ---Bookpage

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