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SCBWI Spring Spirit PAL Panel

Whether they're virtual or in person, SCBWI Spring Spirit conferences for the North/Central California region are always a hit for the many children's authors and illustrators who gather to mingle and feast upon the words of such literary greats as Tim McCanna, Isabella Kung, and Ernesto Cisneros, not to mention the Q&A panel of editors and agents, including the Executive Editor at Scholastic Clarissa Wong, Lee & Low Books Editor Kandace Coston, Hamilburg Agency Agent Lucy Hamilburg and Belcastro Agency Agent Hannah VanVels Ausbury.

As a long-time member of SCBWI, it was my pleasure to be part of the PAL (Published and Listed) Panel Social along with phenomenal authors Patricia Newman and Erin Dealey to lead discussions and answer questions. For the next hour, we discussed writing journeys, school visits, marketing, critique groups, and more.

Thanks SCBWI! Until next time!

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