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Three Favorite Reads of 2023

I read a lot of books. When I'm not working on my own writing projects, I'm reading something from a stack of books I've checked out from the library. Mysteries, biographies, fantasy, and picture books, of course, are my favorite genres. I've read so many books, that several years ago I realized it would be very helpful to keep track of them. Not only would I remember favorite authors and series, but I could see at a glance whether I'd already read something. I also made notes about some books I chose not to read and why.

Recently, I was asked to share my three favorite reads of 2023, and how many books had I read that year, anyway? Thanks to my handy list which included the dates I'd read the books, I discovered the grand total was 75—so far anyway! I love reading and writing. Click on the link to learn more about my 3 Favorite Reads of 2023.

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