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A New Journey for Isabella

After more than 100 years, Isabella Bird is embarking on a new journey--a blog tour. I'm thrilled that her first stop in 2019 is at Catherine Friess' StorySnug blog. Like Isabella Bird, Catherine is a British citizen living abroad. I had a great time answering her questions about how and why I wrote about this daring Victorian explorer.

​Next stop? Good Reads with Ronna where she'll share an in-depth review for Women's History Month, then KidLit Frenzy that will include insights into the challenges women faced during the Victorian era, and Pragmatic Mom that will feature my guest post, "Seven Picture Books about Women Who Dared."

This will be followed by 24 Carrot Writing where I thoroughly enjoyed answering Annie Romano's questions about my writing process and my own Isabella Bird writing journey. Then, Lynne Marie's My Word Playground where I'll discuss the stories behind my Isabella manuscript and several of my most popular titles.

At the conclusion of Isabella's blog tour, she'll set her bags down at Tara Lazar's Storystorm blog where I'll share my tips for writing picture book biographies and reveal my AWAY WITH WORDS journey.

While Isabella was hopping from blog to blog, I was pleased to answer Peachtree's intriguing questions as part of Peachtree's Author Interview series. Click HERE to read our the full interview.

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